Cassius Roman Armor Source Lorica Segmantata Jacket SinghBros Mart

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  • 1.5 mm stainless steel
  • 1.5 mm brass for lacing
  • 1 mm brass decorations
  • Leather
  • Brass hinges
  • Brass buckles
  • Lacing

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Roman Segment Jacket Discription

His superiors described him as trustworthy, disciplined and honorable. As far they were concerned, he was the perfect soldier – but even the most loyal Centurion has had his doubts about the emperor. Sure, he was a man of his word and as pious and humble as any other Roman… but once Cassius looked tyranny in the eye he could never forget it. In retrospect, they realized that from the first day he donned his cingulum, the mark of a soldier, he was already plotting the assassination. The “Cassius” Collection of Roman armor is strong, handsome and classic. It takes everything that people love about this time period and improves upon it, using modern materials and manufacturing techniques to create something that Roman soldiers would have been proud to wear. This is our first foray into ancient Roman armor. We were inspired by armor and accessories from the Principate Empire (first century BC onwards), a time period that was interesting in that they carefully documented their military clothing and armor. This is why there is so much information about Roman armor and the military despite being such an ancient civilization – detailed records exist of exactly what this armor consisted of, who would wear it and how it was constructed. This attention to detail, as well as the bold and enticing aesthetics, make the Romans a truly inspiring historical group to research and design around. The Roman Armor includes There are four pieces to this set – the shoulders, chest, bracers, and greaves (and additional armor and accessories that can be purchased separately). This will be enough to get you started, and will hopefully inspire an obsession with Roman armor! Chest piece – “Lorica Segmantata” This chest piece is called “Lorica Segmantata”, which literally means “segmented cuirass”. It consists of a number of different horizontal strips that come together and are fastened at the front and back via lacing. We have made solid brass 1.5mm plates with loops on them to ensure you can get the lacing good and tight, and not have the loops give way. It also puts a contrasting metal on the chest piece, which looks fantastic. We have added to this by using solid brass rivets, which are durable and also give a decorative element. Because of the way it is constructed, it is actually quite adjustable compared to most chest armor, and still affords the wearer a decent amount of movement. It is also able to be stored quite compactly, which was a huge bonus when it came to outfitting mass amounts of soldiers. Shoulders The shoulders of this set are attached to the cuirass with the help of buckles at the front and back. They are very solid and include hinges at the shoulder to help them articulate better. They are accented with round etched brass ornaments that are inspired by roman artifacts. Bracers The bracers for this set are not strictly historical but are inspired by a number of different pieces and artifacts. They are made from dense leather and include reinforced strips along with circular etched brass medallions that are based on those found on ancient roman accessories. The brass is 1.5mm thick and is attached with solid brass rivets, meaning it can take a beating! The bracers attach to your forearms with the help of lacing. Greaves The greaves for this collection are anatomically shaped and include a few adjustments to make them more viable for a modern audience. Historical greaves would have been easy to bend to the shape of your legs and would not have included straps, which we don’t feel would work very well with stainless steel! Because of this, we have added straps to ensure they stay where they’re supposed to. They go from your ankle all the up to just above your knee, protecting you in the most vital places as one solid piece. A brass disc that matches the rest of the collection is placed in the middle of the knee to visually tie the whole piece together. We have used nothing but the best materials for this collection. Stainless steel has been used throughout so that you can spend less time cleaning your armor and more time fighting or feasting! Just give it a wipe with a dry cloth after fighting and it should resist rust far better than mild steel will. The leather is thick and strong, and all buckles and fittings are high-quality in both appearance and construction. This collection is also SinghBros Mart exclusive – even though we have borrowed our designs from history, they are still refined by our team of talented designers and blacksmiths, so aspects such as etching, fine details as well as the fit and pattern have been carefully crafted by our team of professionals. Please note: helmet and other items shown in the pictures aren’t included in the full set, but are available in our store. To check how to measure yourself please click here. Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


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